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Reopening Of The Greens

                                                                                   Update 08 August 2020


                                                                      UPDATE ON BOWLING AT MILTON PARK

Following the latest Government Guidance and advice from Bowls England the committee has agreed, from Monday 10th August, the following changes.

• Triples can now be played although there will be a maximum of 2 rinks of triples on each green, these will be played on certain rinks to allow for social distancing. There will still be 4 rinks on each green.

• Spectators / guests will be allowed but any spectator / guest who is not a member MUST be accompanied by a member who will be responsible for their safety and who will ensure they are aware of procedures in place.

• Member’s partners and family will be able to watch their family member play but that member is responsible for their safety and ensuring they are aware of procedures in place.

• NHS Test and Trace – All spectators / guests which includes members who are NOT playing MUST sign in the appropriate book which can be found on a table under the veranda. Name, date and contact number will be required and this will be kept for 21 days.

• There will not be a limit of 30 on the premises but members / spectators / guests MUST NOT be in groups of more than 6 from different households.

Everything else remains the same.

The good news is the season will now be extended, we will now close on Friday, 25th September rather than Sunday, 13th September.

This should be the final update. The committee would like to thank all members for their continued support particularly in following the procedures put in place.

We all hope that the 2021 season sees a return to normal!



                                                                                    Update 15 July 2020

The committee has agreed to increase rink capacity - as from Friday, 17 July there will be 4 rinks available on each green; this is possible as social distancing can still be maintained whilst playing singles and pairs. The fourth rink will only be used when absolutely necessary. 


At present there should only be 30 people on site at any one time therefore the number of spectators will be limited, particularly if all rinks are in use.


Please also remember the importance of social distancing.


                                                                    Update 10 June 2020

      Gentlemen, following the Association Committee meeting I am pleased to announce that the greens will be open from Monday 15th June.

Full details can be found in the statement below from Min Wright, Association Secretary, Please take time to read.

Those members of Priory  Bowls Club who have not paid their fees for 2020 and wish to play this year are asked to send a cheque   made out to 'Priory Bowls Club 'to Fred Hammal, Priory Treasurer.

The fees are as follows:

                  Priory BC Subscription   £15

                  Association Subscription   £35

                      Total:       £50

Those members who have paid and intend to play the Association fee of £35 will be sent to the Association Treasurer. Please let either Fred or myself know your intentions.

All other fees will be carried over to next season in 2021.

                                              Martin Eggleton

                                               Priory BC Secretary

                               REOPENING OF GREENS AT MILTON PARK

Using advice and guidance issued by Bowls England and the Government, the greens at Milton Park will be re-opened from Monday, 15th June. A decision to re-open was taken as the committee felt it could do so safely with the following requirements being put in place.

In the first instance greens will be open every morning, including Saturday and Sunday, from 10am – 12.30pm plus Wednesday and Friday evening from 5.30 - 8.00pm.  The gate will open for 10am in the morning and close at 12.40pm; for the evening session gate will open for 5.30pm and close at 8.10pm.

Games will be played on alternate rinks therefore there will be 3 rinks available on each green.  Only singles and pairs permitted. In order to play a rink must be booked; to book a rink, please contact:  Min Wright – landline: 92693980 mobile: 07850110448 or email: minwright@btinternet.com  When booking a rink please give the names of all who will be playing on that rink. Confirmation of rink will be given. Play will be based on a first come first served basis although priority will be given, where possible, to working members in the evenings and at weekends.

Only fully paid up club and association members are permitted to play; there will be no ‘pay as you play’. For the rest of this season the committee has agreed the following:

Play from June - £35

Play from August  - £25

Juniors - £5

New bowlers - £10

Your club treasurer / secretary will collect payment due.

The following applies:

  • Entry and exit via gate in Priory Crescent only – this gate must be kept closed at all times
  • Social distancing rules must be adhered to at all times (2 metres)
  • Two mats and a jack only will be available for use and these must be sanitised before and after play
  • Mats and jacks will be located outside the green shed, in a trolley, along with the sanitiser spray –only 2 per rink to get equipment
  • You are asked to bring your own sanitising hand gel although some will be available at the end of the rinks
  • Apart from changing shoes please come to the club dressed to play
  • No booking no play
  • Spectators are allowed but they must be a club and association member and can only meet with no more than five other people from outside their household - social distancing must be observed
  • No visitors / members of the public allowed – should you see such then please ask them to leave
  • The pavilion will be closed therefore there will be no access to changing rooms or toilets
  • Please feel free to bring your own drinks but all personal rubbish must be taken home
  • First Aid equipment and accident book will be found in the trolley outside the green shed – should there be any accident / incident then this must be recorded in the accident book 
  • Please have some contact details of those whom with you are playing in case of an emergency -  to begin with there will not be any contact details kept at the club
  • Remember avoid touching anything that doesn’t belong to you – if you do, use the sanitiser
  • There will not be a steward on duty but equipment for use will be available  at the beginning of a session and it is your responsibility to return it at the end
  • Please do not come to the green if you are feeling unwell
  • Parents of Junior members are permitted in order to accompany the Junior member

You are asked to read and familiarise yourself, before you play, with the Bowls England Guidance which can be found on the Bowls England web site and the Association web site.

A copy can be found on a subpage of this article on this website

The committee will be monitoring the return to play, which will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Enjoy your bowls but please may we rely on you to follow these procedures which have been put into place for your safety and to enable return to play.



                                                             REOPENING OF GREENS 2020

The previous statement on ‘Opening of the Greens 2020’ indicated that the committee would be meeting on May, 19th to make a further decision based on the situation and advice being given by the Government.

Government guidance released on 13th May 2020 states: “You can play lawn bowls where facilities have reopened, but you can only take part in these activities by yourself, or with members of your household or with one person outside of your household, as long as you are able to maintain social distancing”

Bowls England produced guidance for clubs specific to the sport of lawn bowls, based on Government guidelines.

On May, 19th the committee met in order to review the situation, discussion was based on the current advice and guidance. By a majority decision the association committee has regrettably decided not to reopen the greens and facilities at Milton Park.

Another meeting has been arranged for 9th June when the situation will, again, be reviewed following further Government guidance.

Should you wish to view the current guidance, which is being kept under review,  then take a look at the Bowls England website; it is also worth looking at the Bowls Hampshire website for updates.

The committee is still aware there are financial implications to consider.